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    Were proud to present Zoo Lasso, our first iPhone game, scheduled for App Store release on November the 25th.

    Game site: launchingpadgames.com/games/zoo-lasso
    App store link (once the game is out): itunes.com/apps/ZooLasso


    Gameplay video

    A video is worth a thousand words.

    About the game

    All the animals in the zoo are escaping, and its up to you to rope em in! Lasso lions, monkeys, zebras and parrots as fast as you can in frantic combo-based puzzle action.
    • Simple to play just use your finger to draw around animals
    • Easy to learn, but challenging to master get the biggest scores with elaborate combos
    • Cute graphics and catchy music!

    Use your finger to draw around different species. Rope up lots at once to get more points. Then go for big combo bonuses with figure eights, clover leaves or even wilder shapes. But watch out if too many animals leap onto the screen, youll be overwhelmed!

    • Simple but deep combo gameplay.
    • Start your mission as a lowly Volunteer Rope Holder and rise through all 11 ranks to Emperor of Entrapment and beyond.
    • Beat your friends scores on the OpenFeint leaderboards.
    • Make sure you catch the time-slowing tortoise!
    • More content scheduled for regular game updates: look out for OpenFeint achievements, theme packs and (we hope, eventually!) a two-player mode.
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    The game is now out on the App Store! Learn about the animals' hidden talents with this celebratory music video.

    11-25-2009 05:51 AM