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    Just wanted to announce the new "Blazom Sexy Girls- Heather" app that's been approved by Apple:

    Blazom! - Shes Coming Out to Play

    The real interactive fantasy begins Blazom Sexy Girls is all about fantasy and fun. Interact with Blazom Model Heather Bakstrum with light hearted gestures and touches you control her. Touch and see how she reacts to the things you do.

    Flip up her dress, touch her heart and stand back. Fireworks fly as well as clothing.

    She is a thoughtful beautiful, bright and sexy babe that most only dream of getting a glimpse of her let alone interact to seduce her, watch her remove her clothes and have her respond flirtatiously.

    Youre going to want to show her off to all your friends. Although she is a refined lady, she has her secrets. Youre going to want to flaunt this eye candy and sexy lady when you get together with the guys. Show friends, college pals, team mates, mens club members, colleagues, drinking buddies, sports bar chums, etc. Have a laugh bust a few jokes and make some memories. They can show you their lady friend and you can show them yours and then flip up her skirt or get her to react with playful spunk to everyones surprise.

    Making the historical debut issue of Blazom Sexy Girls get the full Heather version and start your Blazom collection today.

    Enjoy ,

    Blazom team

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    11-23-2009 05:21 AM
  2. london night's Avatar
    iv download that game ! shes damn amazing , i want to marry her !!
    send her my address if you may nice guy , and tell her that im single and im looking for real and stable relationship !!
    11-24-2009 09:35 AM
  3. shantal's Avatar

    Does game has an age limit?

    11-26-2009 10:56 AM