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    Hey folks!

    This week we released a high-quality music game called DJ Nights Global Tour and today we're releasing DJ Nights Julie Thompson, a different version where players are DJs mixing songs from Julie Thompson's last album "Feeling for corners". Fans of trance, house and techno will love it!

    Innovative Control: DJ Nights Julie Thompson is played by tapping and scratching on a virtual turntable. It's more challenging than other iPhone games because if you miss a note or a scratch, it won't be played.

    Each song can be played in two difficulty levels: beginners can mix in casual mode and advanced players can fully dive into the music and play all notes and effects!

    DJ Nights Julie Thompson can be purchased exclusively on iTunes App. Store for US$2,99 only!

    DJ Nights Julie Thompson video

    DJ Nights Julie Thompson webpage

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    11-20-2009 11:47 AM