1. GenG's Avatar
    Hey, today i Jailbroken my ipod 2n gen with firmware 3.1 (i used blackra1n) All works perferct but.. i tought that i can download all the app for free now! Mhh .. I installed CYDIA too, but i think it sux X_X only the themes are nice!

    Is there any programm with wich i can play games like ''Zenonia'' (wich MUST be payed in the Appstore) ??

    I read on a website this forum shows me hacked apps.. but i dont find anything^^

    is there a better programm? I mean a better one as cydia
    11-17-2009 11:04 AM
  2. spiderman001728's Avatar
    pirated apps are forbidden on these forums.
    11-17-2009 11:11 AM
  3. GenG's Avatar
    but what means this :

    ht tp: / /w ww. theiphoneblog. co m/2008/10/13/ top-5-must-have-jailbreak-apps/

    And i heared about a programm called ROCK or so.. Its like cydia, but better?
    11-17-2009 11:19 AM
  4. GenG's Avatar
    PLEASE CLOSE! i read that its not allowed to ask against this Piracyapps! CLOSE PLs
    11-17-2009 11:24 AM
  5. sivarter's Avatar
    dont mind those, if anybodys knows PM me.
    11-18-2009 11:14 AM