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    Got time? Kill it with Pairopix!

    This seriously addictive take on the old matched pairs memory game adds a personal touch with customizable image sets from your iPhone / iPod Touch Photo Albums and / or your iPhones camera!

    Time flies in any waiting room when youre matching up pix of your kids, your pets, or...? Get creative with up to 20 custom image sets to go with the 4 standard sets that Pairopix provides. Visit our set gallery to get inspired and then share your best efforts with us.

    - Jump right in with any of the 4 unique image sets included.
    Create up to 20 of your own image sets with iPhones built in Camera, or pix from iPhone/iPod Touch Photo Albums.
    Reposition, reduce/enlarge and crop images to fit game portholes.
    - Shaking your device pauses game play and presents a navigation menu.
    - Two levels of play with Top Score leader boards.
    - Every game is different. (random image loading)

    Level One
    Tap a port to reveal an image, tap another to find its match. If you are successful at finding a pair, they both remain open while you search for more. If you select a mismatch, both ports will close, leaving you to try again & adding time and taps to your score. Your objective is to open all twelve pairs in the shortest amount of time, and fewest number of taps.

    Level Two
    Same as level one, but your first porthole closes if you dont choose another within 3 seconds and your matched pairs begin to close if you dont find another pair within 7 seconds. Think fast!

    Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.
    Creating custom sets with built in camera; iPhone only.
    11-16-2009 10:42 PM