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    Imagine all your data, files and multimedia clips, with you, within the same application, under the same menu...
    Now you can, with AlliDator, a new innovative iPhone application with which you can create, manage, exchange with your computer collections of data of any kind: text, pictures, videoclips, audio, GPS locations, contacts, even documents ...

    This is not enough: you can use those data immediately on your phone; for instance, by calling your favorite restaurant, or locating your customer address into Maps to reach him for the next appointment, or hearing your vocal notes abouts his preferred drinks...

    In AlliDator you can design your data collection either from scratch, or with a template from those preloaded inside the application or freely available at our Dathon website.

    More importantly, you can import your data from your favorite spreadsheet or archive program like Excel, Numbers, Filemaker, etc., and export for them, too.

    This is only a very synthetic description. You can find a comprehensive description, with several screenshots, faq and many other resources at www.dathlon.com;
    or you can look at iTunes link: AlliDator

    We have worked very hard to balance simplicity and power: so your feedback is greatly appreciated!

    For the faster of you, here a promo code:
    Reviews on AppStore are appreciated!
    11-16-2009 04:13 PM