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    We were on the Release Date list with this one for half the day yesterday, and it sold 823 copies worldwide! Very surprising.

    Here it is for anyone curious:

    App: Drink For Your Health (Water Tracker)
    Developer: FoWare
    Price: 0.99



    Track your daily water consumption in an intuitive way that is designed specifically for you.

    Based on the revolutionary research done by health care professionals in recent years, we have learned just how critical it is, for your health, to maximize your individual water intake. This app is designed to perfect that routine.

    A consistent routine with the proper amount of water in your diet will lead you to optimal overall health. Start today for a healthier tomorrow.

    With your personal schedule being so hectic, it is difficult to manage how much water you have drank for the day. Finally, you have found the best solution available on the iPhone.

    By using this app you will be able to:

    -Immerse in an interactive, free-roaming interface to add cups of water towards your goal.
    -Earn a daily and overall average grade on how well you are keeping up on your recommended amount.
    -View a line graph detailing the history of your water intake.
    -View the time and dates of every cup of water you have drank.
    -Enjoy a plethora of useful facts and tips about water and human health.

    Please enjoy this app. We are looking forward to your feedback! email: contact@foware.com

    Special Thanks To: The Water Cure Staff at Water Cure 2

    Disclaimer: The information in this app was provided free of charge from watercure2.org. The enthusiastic individuals who maintain the site have proven their dedication to optimal and objective health information. However, this app is not intended as a substitute for professional health care advice.

    iTunes Link: itms://itunes.apple.com/us/app/drink...337998484?mt=8
    11-16-2009 03:04 PM
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    We submitted the app update today.

    It includes:

    Full US & Metric system support

    Fully customizable containers and sizes, with 4 different images to choose from.

    Graphical improvements to the graph and history page

    And finally, added more tips to the tips section.

    It should be approved by Apple within the next couple weeks, so keep an eye out everyone! Again, thanks to all the people who purchased this app, the turnout was beyond what we ever imagined!
    11-19-2009 05:20 PM