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    Serving Sizer recipe converter has just been released on the AppStore.

    The app scales up recipes by serving size--enter recipe's serving size and number of guests and Serving Sizer will calculate the new measurement for each ingredient. No fraction math necessary!

    You might need Serving Sizer to:
    * Convert recipe for 4 to serve your family of five
    * Ensure you have enough food for your Holiday dinner guest list of 14. Size up a recipe serving 6 to servings for 14 guests.
    * Scale down a 4-serving recipe to dinner for 1 tonight, eliminating 3 days of leftovers.
    * Cater a big event for 100. Calculate the right amounts to buy and make for recipes of any other serving sizes.
    * Convert ingredients in Metric (ml) to Imperial (cups) from that cookbook you bought on your last trip overseas.

    More info on our website: Serving Sizer, iPhone cooking software - Recipe ingredient conversion tool
    iTunes link: iTunes Store

    We've worked hard to make the user interface beautiful and functional as well. Feedback is greatly appreciated!


    Justine Pratt
    Creative Algorithms
    11-16-2009 11:42 AM