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    Hi all,

    Just a short message to let you know about DUNGEON RAIDERS, a new adventure game released on AppStore last week.

    In a few points:
    1. An amusing heroic fantasy adventure with levels full of traps, enigmas to solve, mechanisms to activate
    2. 3 extensive 3D worlds: Egypt, Pirates Bay, Draculas Castle (each one is a single game/episode)
    3. 3 heroes: Glandalf, the Wizard (you start the game with him in the Pirate's Bay); Luigi, the Thief (unlocked in Pirate's Bay); Butcho, the Executioneer (unlocked in Dracula's Castle)
    4. A variety of offbeat monsters and bosses: 3 different types of monsters, specific to each world.
    5. Draw on your screen to cast your spells

    If you're interested in seeing screenshots and read the adventure synopsis, you can check out this page.

    I'm a member of the dev team so I'd be really interested in getting some feedbacks from future users :-)

    Hope you'll have fun!


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