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    Hilarious New iPhone App!
    Need an icebreaker? A good laugh making fun of a bull crapper? Sick of People who "talk out of their butts?" Ex-lover voo doo anyone?

    Can you think of a family member, lover, ex-lover, friend, ex-friend or a simply annoying human being who tends to recite bull crap phrases on a daily basis? Chances are, that for 99% of people, the answer to this question is YES. Sick of these bull crap lines you hear over and over again? Sick of these people in your life talking out of their butts?

    If the answer is YES, then you will be happy to know there is an application that can put a positive, entertaining twist on these annoying interactions:
    Bull Crack!

    Check out "Bull Crack!" on the iTunes App Store!
    11-15-2009 10:03 PM