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    We are very happy to announce that version 1.0 of iSpy has been released on the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch. This app brings the whole family together on those long and tedious journeys.

    You can buy iSpy at: iTunes Store

    Mummy are we there yet?, Mummy Im bored., Mummy its my turn to play on the iPhone.. Are these moans all too familiar to you on those long family journeys? Would you like to avoid arguments and turn the journey into a dream rather than the nightmare youre used to?

    iSpy is an ingeniously simple game that can be played by one or more young passengers on a single iPhone (or iPod Touch). Play it on a bus, a train or in the car. Keep all your passengers happy and blissfully quiet (especially the young at heart).

    Its very easy to pick up, and is absorbing to play. This game can be played again and again without becoming tedious, because every journey is different.

    What is special about iSpy? Why should you want it?

    Currently over 55 photos in total
    Up to four people can play at together - the same time on the same iphone
    During play, you can correct the last point, pause the game, or skip to a new image
    Quick and easy to adjust settings, so you can play in a variety of ways
    Enter your own name to make the game experience friendlier
    Adjust options such as game length and how long each image is shown for
    Music and sounds enrich the overall experience
    Play in either portrait or landscape mode
    Open the Help section at any time for help, or even to email us

    Here is a more general summary of everything iSpy does, along with screenshots:
    11-14-2009 08:17 AM