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    Hello everyone. Crazed Kitty Software is a new developer of iPhone apps and we just released our first product, my favs - Quick Connections for all your Contacts. Our app provides a clean, fast, simple way to group up to 12 of your contacts in a group (no limit on the number of groups) so you can reach them with a single tap. We've included a few features we didn't find in other apps, noteably letting you assign a phone number, a text number, and an email address to each face in your group. There is a contact method selector at the bottom of the screen to let you switch methods. We also included a single tap group email feature, an all contacts contact screen, and a dialer that lets you call, text, or add a contact to your address book.

    And in addition to all that, we just finished up a set of instructions on how you can group text with my favs and how you can send a text message to both text and email destinations.

    Please take a look, we think you'll find this app a nice addition to your iPhone and in a few weeks your iTouch iPod!

    company website: my favs
    iTunes Link: my favs Desktop Demo Video
    Version: 1.0.0
    App Compatibility: iPhone 3.0 OS

    Feature List:
    - 3 contact methods for each favorite
    - Single tap to reach a favorite
    - Single tap to switch contact methods for all favorites
    - No limit on the number of groups
    - Dialer that supports SMS, phone calls, and adding contacts to the address book
    - Access to all contacts with single tap calling, texting, or emailing
    - Group email to a favorites group
    - Group texting using the SMS gateways technique
    - Mixed SMS and email for group texting
    - Quick jump between groups in addition to scrolling
    - Easily rearrange groups and favorites on group screen

    11-13-2009 06:17 PM
  2. C Nugget's Avatar
    There's no lite version to try, to see if we like it first? It's clean looking and all, but I'm not much of a risk taker when it comes to apps.
    11-18-2009 09:50 AM
  3. RobLee's Avatar
    We've debated the creation of a lite version - what cutoff do you apply to give paid customers value and tasters a full sample. Perhaps you could suggest the tradeoff we should place into the product - our first thought goes to only allowing 2 groups, limiting you to 24 contacts with 72 contact methods within a single tap. For many that might all they need and we'd end up with no revenue. Your perspective would be appreciated since I do understand the reservation to buy an app with the no refund policies of the App Store.

    To tempt you a bit I can share that we are adding access to all URLs for a contact with in-app web browsing (i'm beginning to use this in place of bookmarks in safari), street addresses with in-app mapping. We have a procedure already for you to group text within the app and will make this more seemless in a couple of releases. There is also some shortcut features for 411, 911, business cards, and a few other things which may all make the realease schedule before Christmas if things go well. So what I am offering is a longer term value to an app you might not expect at the moment but could become one of your most used applications on your iPhone or iPod iTouch.

    Please share your thoughts and thanks for raising the issue, it is worth our consideration.

    11-19-2009 01:20 AM