1. ctt1wbw's Avatar
    While this app is pretty good, you can also voice text people in WhatsApp, which I still prefer. The audio alerts on pMessenger, well, they pretty much suck ***.
    01-15-2010 06:10 PM
  2. stepchild's Avatar
    Can you delete a conversion? If so how?

    Never mind I got the answer from developer. Great support.
    Last edited by stepchild; 01-16-2010 at 06:46 PM.
    01-16-2010 02:23 PM
  3. TKOapps's Avatar
    What were we talking about ? Im sorry i was concentrating on these HOT chicks Dancing

    01-27-2010 10:35 PM
  4. asunknown's Avatar
    Seems nice App,

    Thanks about it and my PMiD is : CB8F0A1A

    free to add and discuss it stuffs
    02-25-2010 07:09 AM
  5. The GodFather's Avatar
    hi all

    i am new user


    add me

    03-17-2010 01:31 PM
  6. hermdog's Avatar
    04-09-2010 01:48 PM
  7. gadgetman#IM's Avatar
    So is this app dead? Can't find it in iTunes and their site gives SQL errors.
    04-12-2010 04:50 AM
  8. jonnyvideo#IM's Avatar
    Whats Up PMessengers, ad me, @ D6990A5F
    04-12-2010 07:20 PM
  9. gadgetman#IM's Avatar
    Think the server went down temporarily. Anyway its back.

    I love the app but can you turn off the message preview you get with the push notification? Like you can do with Whatsapp?
    04-13-2010 01:34 AM
  10. Mr Red's Avatar
    Hey people,
    first time posting this is just the app I've been waiting for after all the bb hype.
    My pmid is E4B00ABE
    add me.
    04-18-2010 05:18 AM
  11. aureatenova's Avatar
    just downloaded so will be checking it out...gimme a hollar! DA440AD7
    04-18-2010 07:55 PM
  12. Jamielampert23's Avatar
    my pin is F0A10BA5
    04-18-2010 08:48 PM
  13. Ladysmiles's Avatar
    Hello All!

    Pmessenger ID F4CF0BE2

    04-30-2010 09:37 AM
  14. Diamondcut33's Avatar
    first time trying this app, hopefully it will get as much users as bbm.

    heres my PMiD 1F9503CD
    04-30-2010 10:57 PM
  15. jsntrenkler's Avatar
    Hey there friends .. I am D20D0A8A
    05-01-2010 01:44 PM
  16. bethhx's Avatar
    Hey people =)
    My pmid is E55C0A99
    Add me!
    05-03-2010 02:42 PM
  17. xssx's Avatar
    F40E0BF0 xo
    05-04-2010 10:00 PM
  18. msjennyrod's Avatar
    Hit me up...E14E0B34 ;]
    05-09-2010 04:34 AM
  19. YellowMonkeyStudios's Avatar
    nice app!!!!
    05-13-2010 01:44 AM
  20. AppleMacS's Avatar
    My PMiD is FE160BDF Add Me
    05-13-2010 08:17 PM
  21. MrP's Avatar
    I have a new I'd: EDD80B8A
    07-13-2010 05:03 PM
  22. jackie treehorn's Avatar
    just downloaded this app. can't wait to try it out. my pmid is D8F20A61
    07-15-2010 08:54 AM
  23. King-B's Avatar
    Hoppin on the pmessenger bandwagon myself PMiD is D0D90A5F. Please add!
    07-23-2010 11:00 PM
  24. dzasta0's Avatar
    I've had this app for a week, looking to try it out. Add me!!
    07-25-2010 05:04 PM
  25. JArmour15's Avatar
    I joined as well.

    07-25-2010 09:53 PM
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