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    it's really good an reliable. and good for blocking annoying ADs in applications. available on Cydia Store

    Decide yourself, Security for your iPhone and iPod touch

    Firewall iP is now available on CydiaStore for only $1.99.

    Firewall iP allows you to block outgoing connections (TCP & UDP). It hooks into applications from AppStore and Cydia. Firewall iP will alert you if the app wants to establish a connection to a host and shows you the hostname. Then you have the options to allow/deny the connection once/always or allow/deny all connections for the application.

    You can decide if the application will send data. Developers will no longer be able to collect stats about you (UDID, phone number, usage statistics) or even collect personal data. With Firewall iP you can cover all app analytic providers which arent in PrivaCy and also custom analytics.

    You can block some content too. Now you are the one who decides!

    In the control app you can edit the rules for each 3rd party application as well as add new applications to the list. It also offers a switch to disable Firewall iP and a SBSettingsToggle for the same purpose.

    Cydia itself is excluded for obvious reasons.

    Block outgoing TCP & UDP connections selectively
    Shows you the hostname for the connection
    Block analytic providers which PrivaCy cant
    Block unneeded content
    Easy to use interface & control app
    Edit the rules you did set
    Add apps manually
    Low memory & CPU consumption

    After installation and a respring it will start to monitor outgoing connections.
    11-12-2009 11:06 AM