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  1. Kiloo_Jeppe's Avatar
    Hey everybody

    The day has finally come! We're very proud to announce that the Commodore 64 Application developed in coorporation between Manomio and Kiloo has finally returned to the App.Store. Apple has allowed the app. to return to all of you guys and we will now work harder than ever to secure you the best retro gaming experience in the business.

    C64 is available online for only 4.99$ and by downloading you'll also receive eight games just to get you started on your trip down memory lane.

    - Original Commodore 64 game graphics and SID sound
    - Auto-save, to continue exactly where you left off
    - Realistic joystick and beautifully crafted C64 keyboard
    - Vertical and Fullscreen gaming (auto rotate for iPod users)
    - Eight classic games: Dragons Den, Le Mans, International Basketball, International Tennis, International Soccer, Jupiter Lander, Arctic Shipwreck and JackAttack.
    - A uniquely created experience from the most selling home computer of all time to your iPhone.

    We'll be expanding our game selection very soon. Remember to check back here and post your suggestions to games that you think we should include. We'll then do our best to make them available to everybody.

    Download your App here: iTunes Store

    Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts on the App and the general project.

    In retro we trust!

    Best wishes from Manomio and Kiloo
    manomio - in retro we trust!
    Kiloo - When Brands Go Mobile
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    11-11-2009 03:26 AM
  2. Kiloo_Jeppe's Avatar
    Well I'm already back to announce that we have a couple of titles that we know for sure will be available when the upcoming version 1.2 of C64 hits mid-december.

    A true classic is actually a free part of the update, it's the amazing fighting game Bruce Lee that will make it to the iPhone. Other fan-favourites we've gotten hold of are: Druid, Paradroid, Kikstart and Alleykat.

    Be sure to check back here to get all the latest news and to post your suggestions to games and features.

    Best wishes

    Manomio and Kiloo
    manomio - in retro we trust!
    Kiloo - When Brands Go Mobile
    11-13-2009 04:12 AM
  3. Kiloo_Jeppe's Avatar
    Laser Squad now among the games that will be available with version 1.2, even better it will also be free! Furthermore, the version will feature switch between left and rightsided joystick. Stay tuned for more updates.

    C64 is by the way on a sale for 2.99$ due to thanksgiving, get your copy here: iTunes Store
    11-30-2009 04:33 AM
  4. Kiloo_Jeppe's Avatar
    Hey everybody, we have just submitted version 1.2 of C64 for approval at Apple, and we hope to have it online just before Christmas. The version will include a lot of tweaking and improving of the controls, while also adding numerous new titles to the game catalogue. Stay tuned for more info.
    12-18-2009 04:11 AM
  5. Kiloo_Jeppe's Avatar
    It's still snowing Christmas Presents! C64 Version 1.2 is now online, filled with new features, tweaked controls and free games. By downloading you'll receive Bruce Lee, Laser Squad and Samurai Warrior for free(pushing the number of free games to eleven), while you can shop for old classics in our more games feature. Currently, Apple has approved Nebulus, Alleykat, Uridium, Paradroid and Stormlord. However, a bunch of other titles will follow as soon as they are submitted and approved.

    What does 1.2 feature? Well, besides the huge expansion of the games catalogue and the ability to buy games in-app, we've also made a couple of other additions and adjustments. The controls have been updated, so now you can choose which side you want the joystick to be placed. We've also added the ability to place the joystick as an icon, this way you'll get visual feedback during landscape mode. Furthermore, you no longer have to press and hold left to move left in portrait mode, you can just press around the left side of the joystick.
    What else? Well, a great big part of the C64 was cheatcodes and we've made a cool little feature to help you finally beat that level in Nebulus. If the game has a trainer icon, you can flip on invincibility, infinite time or unlimited ammo, it all depends on the game.

    Get the app here and now, as we are making an End of Year Sale, C64 is just 2.99$: iTunes Store

    From here on we'll continue to improve the C64, getting you a steady flow of new games all the time.

    If you have any suggestions, feedback or just want to pad us on the back, please do so :-)

    Happy holidays everybody from Manomio and Kiloo

    manomio - in retro we trust!
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    Happy New Year Guys, we celebrated the new year by winning Game of the Year at Slide to Play, it was the peoples choice award, so we would like to thank all those who have been supporting the C64 from the start and voted for our app.

    You can read more here: 2009 Game of the Year (People's Choice): Commodore 64 at Slide To Play

    Have a great retro 2010!
    01-07-2010 04:38 AM
  7. Kiloo_Jeppe's Avatar
    We've added a couple of new titles to the C64 store: The classic platform shooters Cybernoid 1 & 2 and the racing games Kikstart 1 & 2. Each are 0.99$, download the C64 app right here: iTunes Store

    Best wishes from Manomio & Kiloo

    manomio - in retro we trust!
    01-15-2010 07:29 AM
  8. Kiloo_Jeppe's Avatar
    Hey everybody,

    We are really thrilled to announce the launch of our Commodore 64 iPhone application version 1.4 with OpenFeint fully integrated. You can now compete against your friends in classic games such as Jupiter Lander, Uridium, Paradroid and Lemans.

    Furthermore, we are excited to tell that we are launching the very first Commodore 64 World Championship in Lemans, where you can win the grand prize of a real authentic Commodore 64 computer from back then.

    The winner will be announced 15th of February on Here you can also find more information shortly. To participate, download the Commodore 64 application and put the following notice on your Twitter or Facebook wall:

    I've just joined the Lemans Commodore 64 World Championship to win a real C64 computer. Beat my score here: iTunes Store

    Let the games begin!
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    01-27-2010 02:34 AM
  9. pgpprogram's Avatar
    Cool contest and congrats on the update!
    01-27-2010 05:32 PM
  10. Christian_kiloo's Avatar
    Hi all!

    With only three days left of our grand LeMans competition, your chance to win a genuine, Commodore 64 is now coming to an end! Filled to the brim with old-school goodness,
    dont miss this opportunity to win that awesome piece of machinery from the eighties!

    All you have to do is beat the current leader on the global scoreboard, where the current top 3 is:
    1st: Benos75
    2nd: Swobi
    3rd: green 13

    But that might change any minute!
    Read more about the competition here: manomio - in retro we trust!

    Download the app here: Commodore 64 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store And dont forget that you get a whole bunch of different games, all true to their retro-nature.

    Now get behind the wheel and earn that pole position!

    Best regards
    02-10-2010 08:04 AM
  11. Christian_kiloo's Avatar
    Great news guys!
    Our C64 app for the iPhone just won the second place in the "Best Retro Reborn Game" category over at!

    Truly a magnificent day for all the retro-lovers out there!

    To celebrate I'll let you guys know that we're VERY close to signing the deal on a huge title - stay tuned!

    02-12-2010 08:22 AM
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    Hi all!

    Were very thrilled to announce that we have just signed the deal on three excellent games for iPhone: Paperboy, ORileys Mine and Mancopter! These classics from the golden years of the Commodore 64 will soon find their way to the C64 app available here: C64 on app-store
    Paperboy will be 1.99$ while ORileys Mine and Mancopter will be downloadable for free.

    Space Taxi, Super Pipeline and Super Pipeline II are also fast approaching a release all quality games ready to take you down that memory lane.
    Price on Space Taxi is still being negotiated but the Super Pipeline games will be 0.99$ each.
    Surely good news for all you C64-afficionados out there!

    In other news were happy to tell you that the next update will solve technical issues and update 1.6 will be a thorough controls-update.

    Thats all for now, as always all your comments are welcome.

    02-17-2010 02:43 AM
  13. Christian_kiloo's Avatar
    Hi guys!

    Just a small heads-up on the Commodore 64 app:
    Update 1.5 is now available for download, which takes care of a couple of bugs and adds a trainer mode for Dragons Den.
    You will also notice that a certain Mr. Lee has found his way to the app, once again making it possible to do some serious kung-fu C64 style!

    As I type this were already working on more games filled with pure retro goodness, as well as the next update which will tweak the controls and make them more customizable!

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    02-25-2010 03:40 AM
  14. Christian_kiloo's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Im sorry to inform you that weve been hit by a slight setback. After securing a license deal for Paper Boy with Elite Systems, testing it and doing the implementation to our next version weve just been informed that we cannot proceed with it. It appears that Warner and Elite Systems did not agree upon whether the old version of the game should be available. Elite cannot move without Warner and the consequence is that theyve decided to cancel Paper Boy.

    This situation is about as far from optimal as possible and please let us be the first to express how sorry we are. We felt sure that everything was on the right track when we had a signed agreement in our hands, but unfortunately it didnt work out the way we had hoped. I hope you understand why we thought we had a game for you, and how sorry we are to have to inform you that it is not the case as of now.
    Rest assured that were working very hard on some compensation for all you Paper Boy fans out there, and hopefully I will have something to announce in the middle of next week.

    Have a nice weekend,
    02-26-2010 04:16 AM
  15. gc2010's Avatar
    I love C64! What other game titles do you guys have in store?
    03-01-2010 01:33 AM
  16. cleondann's Avatar
    Awesome. I think this is great deal for c64 application lovers.
    03-05-2010 12:13 AM
  17. Christian_kiloo's Avatar
    The long anticipated update 1.6 for the Commodore 64 app is now live, and this time we not only bring you improved controls but also an impressive amount of games!

    15 games in total, the choice between having the joystick on the left or right and some interface customization means that this could be one of the most important updates for the app yet.
    In relevant games we have now made sure, that its no longer possible to move the joystick on an axis not in use by the game, making the controls even more precise and responsive.

    Also notice that amongst the many games youll find two First Star Software bundles, with two games in each for only 99.

    Several of these new games come with OpenFeint integrated, making it possible to compete against your friends (or enemies we dont judge) in true retro fashion.

    The entire list of games looks like this:

    Space Taxi

    Super Pipeline I

    Super Pipeline II

    Boulder Dash II


    Hover Bovver


    Express Raider

    O'Riley's Mine

    The two bundles:

    First Star Software Bundle I
    Panic Button

    First Star Software Bundle II
    Flip and Flop
    Millenium Warriors

    We hope you will enjoy the update, and if you have any suggestions for games youd like to see in future updates, feel free to tell us on our facebook page:

    Best regards,
    04-07-2010 07:05 AM
  18. Christian_kiloo's Avatar
    Hi guys!
    Were working hard on the next update for the Commodore 64 app but I thought Id drop a line about what you can expect in the future.

    Weve got some great games in store for you, as weve signed a deal with System 3! This means that in a future update youll see:

    International Karate
    Last Ninja I, II and III

    These games were quite popular back in the day, so we hope theyll be equally cool to play on your iPhone and iPod touch!

    Dont forget that you can follow us on Facebook, where well post news about our games and where youre welcome to discuss our products, tell us what games youd like to see in the future or just show your support.

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    04-23-2010 07:09 AM
  19. Christian_kiloo's Avatar
    These last days have been quite busy for us not only did we manage to get a deal with System 3 but now we will also bring a bunch of Thalamus titles to your iPhone and iPod Touch!

    The list as of now looks like this:

    Creatures II: Torture Trouble
    Hunter's Moon
    Nobby the Aardvark

    This means that you will soon be able to play some of the most celebrated Commodore 64 titles ever! The fun doesnt stop here though, as weve also signed a deal with Elite for Buggy Boy one of the more addictive racers, with a great sense of speed!

    As you can see a lot of titles are finding their way to the Commodore 64 app, mainly due to the great support weve had from you guys! If there are any titles youd like to see, dont hesitate to suggest them on our facebook page and well see what we can do.
    04-28-2010 03:17 AM