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    "...the most beautiful diet tracking app"

    "...a great looking app for tracking what you eat"

    "Not only does Foobi look absolutely gorgeous, it is extremely easy to use."

    Whether you are a body builder, vegetarian, nutritionist, or just someone who wants to eat healthier, Foobi is fully customizable for you to track and balance your meals so that you can have a healthy balanced diet.

    In a nutshell, Foobi is based on the simplicity of Food Groups and it works by simply tracking servings. It was designed from the ground up to combine aesthetic polish with elegant usability. With Foobi's design, If you can flick, you are already an expert.

    If you are looking for a companion to help you stay focused on your diet, or if you need help planning your meals, but always disliked having to spend so too much time entering information, you'll be happy to find out why Foobi was made.

    We recommend you to take a moment of your time to visit our website, at where you'll obtain videos, screenshots, and more information for Foobi.

    - A Fast, Simple, and Fun user interface
    - Even the settings screen looks better than most apps on the App Store
    - Advanced database lets you fully customize any food group completely, anytiime.
    - Track your meals by servings per food group.
    - Food groups are customizable by their Icon, Color, Name and Serving Limit count.
    - Tilt device to landscape for Graph View, all your data sorted by weeks.
    - 17 built in food groups. More will come by request via updates.
    - Highly optimized, innovative UI controls with non-intrusive sound effects.

    Dark Green, Light Green, Vegie, Fruit, Whole Grain, Beans, Egg, Fish, Poultry, Red Meat, Tofu, Oil, Cheese, Milk, Supplements, Sweets.
    * Food groups can be easily disabled, deleted, or customized to your needs easily. Watch the video via our website to get a glimpse at how easily you can do this.

    While Foobi helps you track your diet, it was not designed to do calorie / protein / carbs etc tracking. No food database lookup. No annoying barcode scanning. But you will know what you ate because food groups are easy, and most of the time work just as well (if not much better).

    The most important thing about tracking your diet is to actually track it! Foobi makes diet tracking fun, easy, and fast.

    Visit us for more information, including video demonstrations on the app!


    App Store link: iTunes Store
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    App Store Link

    We would be extremely appreciative of any kind of feedback and reviews. This sale was created for our favorite forums like EIC! So, care to tell us what are your thoughts on the app?

    Will you recommend Foobi at $0.99? Why and why not?


    App Store link: iTunes Store
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