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    Outer Empires MMO Releases

    View the details at outer-empires dot com

    At last, the App has been approved and released on to the App store, we've already submitted the first update.. so a load of fixes and new enhancements are already on the way!

    NOTE: The App store description is not showing properly on all stores (we've contacted Apple to get them to update it) however, you can see the full description below.

    Outer Empires is a space based massively multi-player online game created for both the iPhone/iPod Touch and desktop browsers.

    Every player can create an online persona in a persistent galaxy; from that point on they can choose from a number of different careers to progress through the game. The game is set up in a sandbox style, to allow players to choose how their character develops.

    Players will have a variety of options, including:
    - Fly missions (transport, freight, exploration, bounty)
    - Set up colonies (Mining, Food Production, Manufacture, Refining and much much more)
    - Run/join factions (guilds/clans) within the game.
    - Take control of and fight for systems (either themselves or as part of a faction).
    - Research new ship items from existing blueprints in the world to create your own product line.
    - Buy/Mod/Build/Sell ships using a number of variable items that can be created from the manufacture plants players set up.
    - Trade with other players and the system.

    NOTE :
    This game is an entirely online game and will require an internet connection (Wifi, 3G and EDGE recommended).

    TouchArcade.com (Preview Quote)
    "The cool part about Outer Empires is that the game runs both in a browser on your computer, as well as in the app on your iPhone. Accounts are shared between both versions of the game, and you can literally log out in your browser, log in with your iPhone, and be exactly where you left off with all the same functionality of the desktop client on the go."

    PocketGamer.co.uk (Preview Quote)
    "It all begins quite innocently. You're given a small shuttle to flit between star systems allowing you to run odd jobs. Scanning systems and delivering the results to a space station, transporting goods, buying and selling ore as you travel - there are lots of ways to find your space legs and bring in enough credits to buy fuel and supplies." ... "The sheer scale is at once mesmerising and intimidating."

    Some things our beta players have said :

    "The first real MMORPG for the iPhone and iPod Touch."
    - Soul

    "A multi-faceted, in-depth game that continues to expand and it will hold your interest for many days, not hours due to its enormous size.
    Complemented by a very attentive Developer team that never sleeps."

    - Gaius Codex

    "There really is no way to describe this game. It is huge. There is no set plan that you have to follow, You can follow your own path in this game. To under stand how big this game is you would have to actually enter it to see just how vast this universe is and how many different avenues there are to pursue."
    - Blue

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    u have any promo codes?? I can review and rate...
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