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    Hi, I'm Pedro from IDDTouch. We've just launched Miniheli and it would be great to have your comments and feedback on it.

    Miniheli is the latest heli game that just landed on the appstore. The game brings some new ingredients to this kind of game and it delivers what every game should deliver. Pure addicting fun. With a simple gameplay, Miniheli is one of those games made to keep your fingers stuck on the touchscreen for a long time.

    The objective is simple. Just keep your heli up in the air without crashing the rocks, manage your fuel and gather some refills along the way in order to go as far as possible. Or as far as your skill lets you go.

    But what's really new about Miniheli is the control interface and its missile feature. You just need to keep tapping the screen wherever you want to keep the heli up. The other original feature is that you can collect missiles to destroy the obstacles. By the look of the ranking list it already seems that no one wants to be left behind.

    To know more about Miniheli and checkout the video, just go to:
    iPhone Games at iddTouch

    And to keep on track on everything about Miniheli and IDDTouch future projects, just take a look at:

    Please leave your comments and reviews on our game. Hope you enjoy it.

    11-09-2009 06:29 PM