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    We make the Striker II: USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher and have created an App that allows you to control it with your iPhone or iPod touch. The really fun part is you can attach any number and any brand of missile launcher, and mix and match and control them all with this Free app. Automatic network discovery, works over WiFi on the same networks. No complicated network settings. It should just work.

    What is a Striker II: USB Missile Launcher? Its a toy missile launcher that attaches to your PC via USB. Using your PC (and now iPhone) you can tilt, turn, point a laser, and fire foam missiles at your foes.

    To celebrate the launch, you can purchase a Striker II for $15 and free shipping (regular price $39.99 + shipping).

    Also, included for free in the App is PC Off which allows you remotely shutdown, restart, hibernate, standby, lock, and log off your PC with your iPhone or iPod touch. Download the helper (server) PC program from Ninja Gizmos

    25th Unique poster on this thread will receive a free Striker II: USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher! Must be in the USA.
    11-09-2009 04:39 PM