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    Fastest growing astrology portal, SimplyAstro.com announced the launch of their pioneered remedial iPhone App in the App Store. App has been named as AstroSwami. You can find it easily on App Store by simply searching on the keyword: ASTROSWAMI.

    AstroSwami Pro (from SimplyAstro.com) becomes the market pioneers in bringing on your iPhone the most personalized valuable horoscope predictions along with remedies based on your birth details using the Indian Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology. AstroSwami Pro is designed by SimplyAstro.com emphasizing the fact that it is all about being simple but smart! AstroSwamis belief of using Astrology as the Science to guide your path in life has been taken a step further by providing remedies at the most personalized level based on your birth details now directly on your iPhone. Making SimplyAstro.com truly the one source for all your astrological guidance!

    iPhone is one of the most popularly used device in this era and therefore the launch of AstroSwami iPhone App is a strategic step forward in targeting this market that not only has Indian, American, British, Australian, Canadian population worldwide using this device but all other communities & culture world-wide who believe in astrology as a science that guides their path in life towards success by personalized predictions and remedies. says Mr. Shiv Verma, CEO SimplyAstro.com

    Use of iPhone App as a preference is a big market advantage in the online & wireless business. A large giant such as Facebook or Yahoo or Google too, provides their content in form of iPhone App. The AstroSwami iPhone App will bring the key suite of Personalized Prediction & Remedies services existing on the website SimplyAstro.com. SimplyAstro.com website has lot more features and functionalities along with very personalized one-on-one services in addition to what will be available on the iPhone App.

    Below are few of the highlights of the AstroSwami iPhone Apps PERSONALIZED Predictions & Remedies based on your birth date:
    Yearly Prediction
    Number Analysis, Predictions & Favorable Years
    Saturn Transit (Sade Satti) Analysis, Predictions & Remedies
    Lucky Gem Stones Analysis, Predictions & Remedies
    Red Book (Lal Kitab) yearly Analysis, Predictions & Remedies
    Zodiac Sign based Daily, Weekly and Monthly Prediction
    Love Zodiac Sign based Monthly Prediction

    WONDER WHAT ELSE? - You have the ability to change birth details to not only read your personalized predictions and remedies but you can do the same for your family members and friends! And yes very soon it will be priced high! So dont wait any more and install our App now!
    And yes we have over 200,000+ birth place cities information across the world and adding several more every day!

    More details about the app features can be found at SimplyAstro.com - Predictions by AstroSwami through IPhone.

    SimplyAstro.com website today is content rich with over several thousand pages worth of unique and valuable content covering all areas of astrology, spirituality, beliefs and fun, including number analysis - numerology, lal kitab, tarot cards, vaastu shastra, feng-shui, Chinese astrology, Food & Fruit Astrology, Health remedies, panchang, celebrity talks, Karma calculator, love calculator, fortune cookie and lot more!

    About SimplyAstro.com - Your AstroSwami, is a company dedicated to providing Astrology services with a large pool of astrologers and several subject area experts on its panel and this enables SimplyAstro.com to bring to its customers the best collection of personalized services and remedies.
    11-07-2009 08:04 PM