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    News Flash: Charm promocodes are available. Just post a comment here or on Twitter, saying @GlobalDelight "I want to be charmed" and you could get a promocode of Charm. Hurry!

    Math class always scared you. Now its time you explored the fun side of Math. What? You didn't think Math had a fun side to it? Oh yes it does. And you can do amazing and fun stuff with it.

    Mystic Madame with her great mind reading capabilities will amaze you in her land of Charm. And this she does with a simple twist with math. Do you think you can fool her? Or will she succeed in reading your mind too? Find out with Charm and be charmed!

    The app is simple to use and looks very elegant. You will be provided with a list of numbers and corresponding symbols. With a little simple math involved, you will finally arrive at a symbol. Click on the Crystal Ball, and Mystic Madame will correctly identify the symbol that you had chosen. It does require that you be good at simple mathematical operations, which we know you all are. At just $0.99 on the App Store, you must give Charm a try. Get it Today! We are sure you will love it. Impress your family, friends and kids with it, and keep saying, I wonder how it does that.

    -Global Delight
    11-06-2009 01:54 AM