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    "SquirrelizeMe" is a fun photo composer of a different kind for the iPhone. It combines twelve objects - beginning from a tarantula over a sweet lipstick kiss to the infamous middle finger gesture - you can use to spice up your snapshots.

    Before shooting the photo in the live preview position and size of the object are easy adjustable. Photo post-processing consists in a custom background blur and compression. The photo can be exported as a high-res version (1.3 MPix) by email or saved to the iPhone's camera roll.

    And yes, there is a cute squirrel too, hence the name "SquirrelizeMe".

    The homepage of the App is at

    SquirrelizeMe - the Squirrelizer App - Crash everything everywhere!

    and was recently reviewed here:

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    11-05-2009 11:05 AM