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    Combining Twitter and Google Maps, Tweetspotting is a powerful Twitter client for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to browse tweets from all over the globe. Explore any location and find out what people are thinking, doing and saying (i.e tweeting). Tweetspotting also includes a real-time friend tracker that will help you find and follow your friends.

    Tweetspotting displays Twitter activity in four different modes: World, Timeline, Mentions and Track. Each mode sports a map-view and a list-view for convenient browsing.

    The World mode is useful for watching news and events happening nearby or in a city far, far away. It is possible to filter tweets by specific content, such as keywords, hashtags (a method for linking tweets to a specific topic) and user mentions.

    The Timeline mode is for displaying your home timeline, which contains tweets from the people you are following. Find out where your friends are and what they are doing.

    The Mentions mode allows you to see what people all over the world are saying about you.

    Tweetspotting will, if granted access, automatically post your current location to the Twitter servers while youre on the move. In Track mode, Tweetspotting will download this information from the your friends and plot their movement on the map. Following friends has never been easier.

    Naturally, Tweetspotting contains standard Twitter features such as posting tweets, geocoding them accordingly, replying and retweeting, image uploading through yFrog and url shortening through bit.ly.

    The application is prepared with the draft specification of Twitters geocoding API which, according to Twitter, will be available in the near future. When released, the geocoding API will provide Tweetspotting with additional geographical data making it even more powerful and exciting.

    Tweetspotting is available on the iTunes AppStore for $1.99 only. Read more at tweetspottingapp.com.

    11-05-2009 06:40 AM