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    Symmetrix[iTunes] is a photo manipulation app which uses a mirror effect to create hysterical symmetric images. The entire creation process is super easy and extremely quick. Take a look at the Dennis Rodman pictures below transforming a normal Rodman (and in Dennis case, we use the term normal loosely) into a butt-nose circus freak took just a few seconds by simply adjusting Symmetrixs tool bar.

    To celebrate the launch of Symmetrix, Ichigon is conducting a 5-week competition, where each week 4 prizes are awarded to the coolest user-submitted Symmetrix image. Weekly prizes include iPopperz headphones and Pogo Sketch iPhone pens and a Livespeakr iPhone speakers grand prize. Once again, entering the contest is very convenient images can be submitted from within the app. Check out the Competition Page on Ichigons site for complete details.

    In addition to importing pictures from your Photo Library or taking snapshots from the apps built-in camera, a direct Google Images link is included so the user does not have to exit Symmetrix to find and import photos from Google Images very convenient!

    Check out how Symmetrix turns a routine Peyton Manning pass play into a standstill shotgun formation.

    Symmetrix is a high quality well built unique app and now, for a limited time - its FREE!, Symmetrix [
    11-04-2009 01:34 PM