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    Swakker Daisy

    Send someone some love! Pluck the petals to your own romantic fortune!

    Loves me? Loves me not? Daisy will provide all the answers. With Swakker Daisy, you can find out if that crush is a true love or a true dud! Already know the answer? Then you can send daisies to your friends and let them pluck for themselves, or you can use Daisy to declare your devotion -- and hopefully get a "loves me" daisy in return!

    Swakker Daisy automatically adds your friends from Swakker Doodle and allows you to send email invites to friends who don't already have the app.

    -Daisy by yourself
    -Send a friend a daisy
    -Send a lover a daisy
    -Email notifies recipients of daisies and invites
    -Fun and surprising messages appear after each daisy is plucked!
    -Random Love option for romantic wild cards

    Pick a friend. Pick a message. Send a daisy!

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    11-03-2009 09:09 PM