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    Howdy folks!

    One thing we've learned from 100sounds, is that users want ringtones, so while 100sounds was designed as a soundboard app, we made all of the sounds available as longer ringtones, at no extra charge. We even added dozens of musical and funny ringtones that didn't make sense in a Sound FX app but make great ringtones. And upon request, we created specific ringtones based on customer requests.

    But more than anything, users told us they wanted CUSTOM RINGTONES... unique, funny and specific to their phone and their contacts.

    Now, there's an app for that!

    Introducing AutoRingtone!

    You type, it talks! Create Custom Caller ID Ringtones for every contact in your address book... pay one low price!

    Choose from 20+ voices in AutoRingtone PRO Edition including British Man/Woman, American Man/Woman, musical, robot, alien, laughing, whispering, computerized, etc.

    ALSO, good news for iPod touch owners with phones other than an iPhone... We provide the ringtone in BOTH .m4r (iPhone) and .AIFF formats. This way, you should be able to use the ringtones for other phones, either directly or by using free 3rd party software like Audacity.

    Check out the demo/movie at www.AutoRingtone.com, and turn your speakers up!

    From the makers of 100sounds, the #1 Sound FX app that also gives you 100's of ready-made ringtones at no extra charge!
    11-02-2009 06:54 PM