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    To celebrate the release of Pong Double we are having a huge competition where the main price is up to 20.000 USD. All it takes to participate is signing up to our newsletter. See more on Enora Software, Pong Double contest where you can win up to 20.000 USD

    Game Description:
    Pong Double is a new take on an old classic. But Pong Double is so much more, and with the extra play modes, it will keep you playing for a very long time. There is an online hiscore list, where you can compete with the rest of the world. It's a fast paced pong game where you'll be challenged to make it to the top of the online hiscore board.

    - Fast paced addictive pong action
    - Play single or double matches
    - Play against the computer or your friend
    - 3 difficulties - easy, medium and hard
    - Online hiscore allowing you to compare your skills with the rest of the world

    See more about the game at Enora Software, Pong Double is a fun remake of the old classic with a twist. Made for iPhone and iPod Touch or in iTunes store iTunes Store
    or you can see it in action on
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    10-31-2009 03:41 AM
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    I've bought this game and i think it's a fun game. The graphics is not that great but it dosen't matter to me. The game is really fast, and it's a challenge to beat the computer on hard.

    Not alot of scores have been posted to the online scoreboard so i've got first place in several of the gamemodes

    I've only tried the multiplayer a few times, but that is really fun, you can play against your friends on one iPhone, and we got quit competitive. It's not using wifi but still a fun gamemode, and most importantly.... i won

    But all in all, i've think it's worth the 0.99$.
    11-02-2009 07:35 AM
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    The site AppStruck.com has made a review of out game Pong Double.

    "Get it! This is a great game alone or with a friend" - appstruck.com

    Read the entire review at www.appstruck.com
    11-04-2009 03:52 PM
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    very cool app
    11-05-2009 01:34 PM
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    very cool app
    11-05-2009 01:45 PM
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    We have promo codes to the first two how signs up for our newsletter at www.enora.dk

    It's for our game Pong Double, and we would appreciated if the winners make a review in the app store.
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    Thanks iZoomFilm, hope you enjoy playing it
    11-25-2009 07:21 AM