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    In this fun puzzle matching game you arrange the boxes into cross shapes to score points. Every time you make a match, you store boxes in the bank for later use. In Classic Game you attempt to empty the screen so it is refilled and you can make more matches and score more points. In Quick Game you try to avoid emptying the screen by making matches to add more boxes to the screen. Crossbox will appeal to fans of games like Bejeweled and Line Up.

    Crossbox features:

    - two addictive modes of play: Classic Game and Quick Game

    - amazing graphics

    - try to beat your own personal high score or conquer the world on the global high scores list

    - using the in-game global high scores you can compare your scores worldwide or by location

    - listen to your own music while playing or enjoy the in-game soundtrack

    - link to your Twitter and/or Facebook account to automatically publish your best scores
    10-31-2009 12:21 AM