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    The best drinking game app out there, period.

    Gametender is the most convenient/effective way to kick the party up a notch, liven up a hang out session, or just get your creative drunken juices flowing.


    We have over 200 games for you to try and around 100 recommended drinks to try them with.

    App Features:
    - Over 200 Games
    - Random Game Mode, let our slot machine decide your game.
    - Suggested Game Mode, tell us what game type you want, how many people are playing, and how drunk you want to be and we'll tell you what to try.
    - Favorite Games Support, save your favorites.

    Each Game Features:
    - Full game description, separated by game type, amount of people that should participate, required items, and suggested drinks to go along with a game, clicking on the suggested drink will take you to a detailed drink page that shows you how to prepare it.
    - Shake the Game Detail page to email it to a friend and share the fun.
    - Don't forget you can always change some rules around and play the game your way.

    And as always, free for the first few weeks, so get it while it's hot!

    More information can be seen here: Gametender: Drinking Games To Go | Down-Shift Inc.

    It can be downloaded: iTunes Store

    Also try one of our other apps: Today In History, for when you're not drinking and are looking for knowledge.

    No internet required.

    As always, drink responsibly.


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