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    ToDo Cards is a powerful task management application with a unique approach to organizing to do lists, simple user interface and outstanding flexibility. Organize your to do lists, action items, work and home projects. ToDo Cards follows GTD approach (Dates, Priorities, Task Types, Folders, Projects, Contexts) and was designed for advanced time management.

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    Arrange tasks into categories and smart todo lists. Navigate through the tasks with the customizable smart todo lists based interface . Customize appearance (font color, font decoration and weight) of each item in your todo list. With the badge icons you can see the number of outstanding and overdue tasks without even opening the list.

    Use ToDo Cards to manage your projects and to-do list of day to day activities. Keep track of the projects, their status, start and completion dates. Assign each project with its specific context.

    Each item in the to do list can be assigned with the context. Keep track of your activities by organizing them by the various contexts.

    For GTD followers ToDo Cards introduced folders, two build-in (Inbox,Focus) and unlimited custom. Task card toolbox provides task workflow management by means of moving tasks between folders.

    Unique task card helps you to stay focused on activities that matters to you most. Flexible user interface enables you to select specific tasks or to-do lists to appear on the task cards screen. Task cards toolbox allows you to execute various actions: edit task, move task to specific folder, delete task, go to specific task, configure task list, place calls, send emails, sms or visit websites.

    Assign actions such as Phone Call, SMS, Email, Visit a Website to the tasks. Place calls, send emails and start sending SMS without leaving the application.

    Visit ToDo Cards website for more info.

    ToDo Cards 1.0.8 includes the following features:
    - Push Notification support. Receive alerts on scheduled activities. Initiate sending email, sms or phone call from alert screen;
    - Create a new tasks by shaking iPhone;
    - Interface for rapid task creation;
    - Task Action Cards;
    - GTD folders(Inbox/Focus) and unlimited number of custom folders;
    - Specify notification period for the event;
    - Task card toolbox. Edit, delete, move tasks to folders from the task card interface.
    - Refined UI design;
    - Redesigned screen for selecting task type.
    - Improved stability and performance;
    - Managed dashboard. Select smart lists, folders and projects to appear on your main screen.
    - Bug fix;
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