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    Ocarina Spirit V2 brings an exciting new feature : the ability to play more than 20 different sounds of instruments, like the guitar, the piano, the indian Sitar, the Harmonica, the Bass,, the Violin
    It also features a completely revised interface with intuitive icons. and the availabilty to record the song you are playing,

    Available for the Iphone and the Ipod touch 2 , Ocarina Spirit V2 is FREE for a short time only !!

    it can be found at Apple's AppStore iTunes Store

    Ocarina Spirit V2 features include:

    - An interactive training mode section will help you to learn quickly your first song
    - Touch mode
    - Scale charts
    - Different kind of ocarina
    - Trainee mode
    - More than 20 different sound of instruments
    - Record option

    Here is Ocarina Spirit V2 in action on you tube :
    10-27-2009 09:24 AM