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    Hi all ,
    Want to tell you about this new App created by us (Bonazzi software)

    It's our first app for iPhone,
    Basically we created it for people who thinking of getting pierced and want to know how it will look like, or just for anyone who want to have fun piercing friends, family or pets . iPierce is an application that allows you to add real piercings to any photo.

    In iPierce youll find a collection of the hottest piercing to start creatively piercing your photos. All you need to do is to take a new picture, or load a pre-existing photo from your library and drag the pieces of jewelry on top of it. You can move, rotate, resize and position them wherever you want, and as many as you want.
    When you are done you can save the image, mail it or share on Facebook
    or - personally my favorite - you shake your iPhone and all piercing will "fall" with this very realistic sound.....

    iTunes link:
    iTunes Store

    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance,

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    10-27-2009 05:44 AM
  2. iZoomFilm's Avatar

    I think your iPierce App looks very cool. I am from Tech 1, LLC and we are interested in trying your App out. We were going to make one for Tattoos with the same idea. We would really like to try out your App if you have a promo code that you can send to us.

    I will send you a promo code for two of our Apps as well.Thank you!

    Tech 1, LLC.
    10-28-2009 02:10 PM
  3. lionheartednyhc's Avatar
    AAAAAAAH, the trolls are talking to eachother!
    10-28-2009 11:33 PM
  4. sarita's Avatar
    We are amazons dear, not trolls, I would expect from someone with a lion heart to know the difference!

    and to Melanie , thank you!!! sure, i'll be happy to give u a code, send me your email so no predator will snap it from you.

    nice day to all of you
    10-29-2009 06:36 AM
  5. jodaking's Avatar
    Dear amazona,

    I saw your app yesterday on my girlfriend's iphone, it's really cool, u did a good job, apparently, no bugs.

    waiting for your next app ,
    and good luck with the lions.......
    10-31-2009 10:27 AM
  6. bamf-hacker's Avatar
    Very interested in your app. I will be contacting you shortly.
    11-01-2009 09:31 PM