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    Lulas Brew is a children's book written and illustrated by award-winning author Elizabeth O. Dulemba. Her most recent book, as author and illustrator, is Soap, Soap, Soap (Jabn, Jabn, Jabn). Now, shes brought her magic to the iPhone and iPod Touch!

    As the reader swipes the pages, Elizabeth brings the story to life on the voice track.

    About the story:
    Lula's Aunties want her to be a witch just like them. But Lula hates to fly on a broom and prefers to study cookbooks rather than spellbooks -- she wants to be a famous chef. In desperation, the Aunties insist she try to make one last potion. Lula secretly adds her cooking flair and in true witchy fashion ends up creating a brew that bewitches the entire town, and maybe her Aunties too!

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    10-26-2009 10:12 AM