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    We're excited to let everyone know that our first iPhone app has just been approved by Apple.

    iHop>2 provides traffic information across England and Scotland. You can see roadworks, accidents and incidents that will affect your journey. You can view roadside sign messages, giving you even more information about what's happening on the road. You can also view live car park occupancy data for car parks across the UK - never arrive at a full car park again. Car park information is available in Norfolk and Leicester - other cities coming soon.

    Traffic information is displayed on a full Google map of the UK. Information is tailored for your current location. Browse the map to check your journey and then shake to reset the map to your current location. Our custom caching technology ensures minimal bandwidth requirements, while clever clustering provides a clutter free view of information. Data is automatically refreshed while the application is running.

    A list view is also available, tailored to your current location. The application will continue to be updated with new travel information sources as we incorporate them.

    More real-time data is being added - watch out for futher announcements!

    See also hop>2: Travel Information or go to the app store
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