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    Our brand new game Fish Fun is now available on the App Store. Its a fresh take on fish games, with 5 different sea locations, 4 cool power ups and different fishes to choose from...Perfect for a quick bite of fun. You'll find it worth every cent, just for the 3 mini games you can play!

    Who knew fishes could be so much fun!!!

    App Store Description:
    On a dare, a little fish leaves home to explore the treacherous ocean. He swims on, feeling proud and thinking what a great story this will be to boast about when he gets home. All is well till a giant wave grabs him in its clutches. Petrified, he looks in all possible directions trying to find his way back but he just cant seem to figure it out!

    Now its up to you to take care of him. Watch your step; the ocean is a mean place with dangers lurking everywhere. It might take a while before he gets home; so feed him to make sure he stays healthy. Tilt the device to ensure our little hero doesnt end up exploring the innards of a vicious shark!

    But dont panic just yet! To help him survive, the gods of the ocean have bestowed him with four different kinds of super powers, which you must unlock along the way. Protect him with a shield or poison the other fishes, because you cannot afford to play nice in a place where survival of the fittest is the unspoken rule!

    Will our little hero ever see the light of the day again?


    - Multiple modes to choose from: Classic, Timed and Challenge
    - Exciting Tap, Loop and Gulp Mini Games
    - Set the difficulty level of the game to Easy, Medium or Hard
    - Unlock four different Power ups to help survive the ocean
    - Play the game as Dude, Queen, Champ, Fighter or Rocker
    - Select location of the game: Calm, Haunted, Green, Rocks or Dark
    - Post your scores on Facebook or Twitter
    - See whos the top savior on Local or Global Leader boards
    - Turn on Aqua Mode to get a feel of the ocean

    [Note: To enhance game play experience, play the game with the device held parallel to the ground]
    Go on...Dive into the Sea world!
    10-24-2009 12:22 AM
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    10-24-2009 03:12 AM