1. flyingember's Avatar
    I already have Civ for the iphone and it's decent though not perfect. (it's Civ enough)
    I liked Age of Empires for the PC way back in the late 90s
    I've always liked D&D themed games and played AD&D 2nd ed in the early 90s

    The reason I bought a Nintendo DS way a few years back was for Final Fantasy Tactics.
    I glanced at their Final Fantasy iphone game and it's too... Japanese.

    what iphone games are out there that have the basic build a party, quest, buy gear in a traditional western europe castle, dungeon, forest type setting and are turn based?
    10-19-2009 05:06 PM
  2. djglover03's Avatar
    EndOfGenes is a great turnbased game for the iphone.
    11-07-2009 11:15 PM