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    Dead Parrot Software, LLC of Oviedo, FL announces the release of it's first iPhone app, "The Pocket Rockit Rollercoaster Setlist".

    The app is a companion tool for Universal Studios Orlando's newest thrill ride, the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, a high tech steel rollercoaster that travels over 65 miles per hour boasting the tallest vertical lift in the world. The ride allows the rider to choose their own song selection to listen to while riding from 30 of today's hottest artists. However, there are also SECRET BONUS tracks hidden within the song selection menu. You just need to get to the hidden menu and enter the correct three digit code. Our software shows you how to access the menu with simple, easy to understand animation, plus it gives you all of the bonus songs that are currently known and displays them in a familiar iPod application format. You can browse songs by title, artist genre and number code. Additionally, if you discover a new song on the coaster, you can submit it to the database for review right from the app. But there's more, you can also preview the song in iTunes, rate each song and see how others rated them, keep track of which songs you rode with the ride history feature and much more. The next version is in development now and should be submitted to Apple in a few weeks so many more exciting features are in store.

    See the application here

    Find out more at www.pocketrockitsetlist.com
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