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    About Free Stacks

    After a month of waiting, I'm happy to announce the launch of Free Stacks, a collection of our users' favorite flashcard stacks. And as you've guessed... it is free! Enjoy flashcards on your iPhone or iPod touch including GRE Vocabulary Words, US States and Capitals, American Trivia, Comicbook Identities, Key Spanish Phrases, and more.

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    Why Stacks is great!

    - Quality you can trust
    - Lots of content
    - Fantastic visuals
    - Custom UI
    - Easy to use
    - No clutter
    - Incredible attention to detail

    Get More Stacks

    With unparalleled quality both in its ease of use and information accuracy, Stacks is quickly becoming recognized as the best flashcard application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Get peace of mind and confidence with Stacks knowing that the utmost care was taken to provide only factual and up-to-date information, and has been verified with multiple sources.

    Second only to Stacks reputation for high-quality flashcards is its refined user experience. Easy to use with incredible attention to detail, Stacks is simple in its design and feels completely natural to use. Enjoy these premium stacks, a lifetime of future updates, and an endless stream of new content at no additional cost.

    Free Stacks is one of several apps in the family of Stacks applications containing a combined total of over 13,000 professionally crafted flash cards. Be sure to check out the others.

    - Trivia Stacks
    - School Stacks
    - Terminology Stacks
    - Spanish Stacks
    - Math Stacks
    - Geography Stacks
    - Joke Stacks
    - Quotable Stacks
    - Stacks: Ultimate Edition

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    10-14-2009 12:52 PM