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    The latest IM Plus gains text to speech as an in-app subscription for 99 cents per month.

    I decided to buy the service because I drive a lot and people send me IMs while I am driving. Its about all I can do to open the conversation, I wouldn't want to text back while driving. (I probably should not be looking at the damn phone at all, but thats a different story).

    Anyway, when you need to reply, you tap the microphone button and speak your message and hit send. IM+ sends it off to yap.com which renders it to text, and that is pasted into the control. You hit send and off it goes, regardless of the service you are using, Google, Aol, MSN, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.

    If they could tie this into the head-set mic button it would really be sweet.

    But even as it is, you don't have to have the phone close to your head. Two feet away and it still gets every word.

    English only for now, and don't expect thick accents to work too well. But other than that and the occasional comical mis-translation, its at least as accurate as typing.

    Worth the 99cents, if you use it even once a day.
    10-14-2009 02:26 AM