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    Hey this game we play whenever we host parties. Quick way to get people drunk lol. we just developed an iPhone and iPod touch application for this drinking game. What's great about it is that our app uses loaded dice Hope you guys like it

    Seven Eleven Rules:
    Players take turns to roll the dice. If he/she rolls a 7, 11, or doubles, the person chooses who drinks. While that person is drinking, the player keeps rolling until the person finishes his/her beer/shot. If the player rolled a 7, 11, or doubles before the person finishes, that person drinks again while you roll, again.

    - Shake to roll the Dice, unloaded
    - Tap Twice then Roll for 7 or 11
    - Tap Three Time then Roll for Doubles

    To download it, go

    10-14-2009 01:20 AM