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    "IC Mobile", includes a number of applications for iPhone is a complete system for managing sales campaigns ... and much more! We chose the iPhone platform to develop this idea says Adalberto Perrone CEO Newsoft, as we believe that the iPhone is a revolutionary, first for the potential that makes it an excellent substitute for the personal computer, the other for 'ease of use that is unmatched in the management of other devices. Main feature is especially strong integration between the software components core system: GPS and Google Maps, Browser, Calendar, Contacts and Mail.
    With "IC Mobile" make available to the business (banks, networks of promoters, companies, vendors, etc..) Functionality integrated agenda for planning and management commitments, interaction with the client and portfolio management, contact management and outcomes, access to mobile customer record, monitoring and reporting, georeferencing of its customers, management appointments sales campaigns, customer contact, communication with vendors and more.

    We believe that "IC Mobile" with its modules and its versions: Free and will be available at the Apple Store, Light with management by spreadsheet and Pro with a server management company could become the real business personal assistant; and many features of the product are also portable on IPOD.
    Great simplicity and usability of the solution were the guidelines in the implementation of this CRM system and reporting, engaging and able to facilitate the relationship with the customer.

    We believe that future models of service winners will be those characterized by the ability for customers to be increasingly Anywhere - Anytime, this is possible and feasible with the solutions and modules "IC Mobile" Benvenuto in iC mobile! iC - info@icmobile.it
    10-11-2009 04:57 PM