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    Stickin' It to the Apple

    Fruit Shoot Lite gives iPhone developers an outlet to vent frustrations at Apple's monopoly of the AppStore approval process.
    Stanford, CA October 6, 2009 --

    iPhone app development is a risky business. Apple's unpredictable 'black box' app review process leaves everyone guessing how they arrive at their approval decisions.

    Upon starting a new development project, the first question that an iPhone developer asks has changed from "How useful will this application be?" or "Will users enjoy the application?" to "How likely is it that Apple will approve the app?". iPhone developers live in constant fear of receiving an email from Apple with what can only be termed the 'Death Sentence':

    "We've reviewed your application and we have determined that this application...will not be appropriate for the App Store."

    Fear of rejection and therefore complete and total loss of all efforts put towards the application has stopped many a developer from working on the iPhone. The 'Death Sentence' has locked away a great deal of useful, fun, interactive, and exciting apps to the confines of the developers' devices, unable to be shared with us all.

    Frustrated developers needing to vent about the process have typically written lengthly blog posts (e.g. Joe Hewitt) or raced to online forums to grieve together. Now they have another option, contained within an iPhone application itself: Fruit Shoot Lite.

    Fruit Shoot Lite allows developers to release their anger by shooting* a virtual apple (or other fruit if they choose) on the iPhone screen. Developers can even upload their finest apple destruction to twitter to share with their followers.

    A paid version of Fruit Shoot is currently under development and will feature among other things a larger selection of weapons and targets.

    *The developers of Fruit Shoot Lite do not condone gun violence, even against fruit. They do, however, expressly condone non-violent actions that help developers vent their frustrations at Apple and encourage Apple to recognize and repair the problems in the app approval
    10-10-2009 09:05 PM