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    TOMSOFT Text-to-Speech Engine for just $99

    The TOMSOFT Text-to-Speech Engine is an advanced text-to-speech engine for iPhone and iPod Touch platforms. The engine is based on the open source Flite speech synthesizer developed at Carnegie Mellon University.

    The package includes all source code files for the TTS Engine and the Xcode project for a working iPhone app currently selling in the iTunes App Store. It offers a simple way for developers to add text-to speech to their applications with minimum coding.

    Easy to use and to integrate (written in C and compatible with the ARM Architecture).
    Small, fast run-time synthesis engine - ideal for mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch.
    Comes with 4 Voices (3 male and 1 female)
    Additional voices can be easily be added (the engine provides support for compiling FestVox voices)
    Output to file (.wav)
    Sample source code included for the "vMail" app

    You can purchase the code at tomsoft.co.uk/iphone/flite.htm

    The TOMSOFT Text-To-Speech Engine will be digitally delivered once purchased through PayPal (or MoneyBookers, by arrangement).
    10-10-2009 06:45 AM