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    Hello, all!

    We just released iSwear, an iPhone App that gives you a world of foreign swears at your fingertips. It lets you learn to speak culturally accurate swears in other languages instantly.

    It has 6 languages and 37 phrases in Bengali, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Hindi, German.

    How does it work, you say?
    Choose a language and then a tone of voice (Academic, Casual or Frustrated). Tap a swear phrase to hear it out loud. Repeat the phrase out loud and you've just sworn in a foreign language. Mwahahaha.

    This app was created by indie filmmakers in Austin TX looking for new ways to fund their films.

    iSwear ($.99)
    iTunes Store

    iSwear A Little (FREE)
    iTunes Store
    (The free version is the same app with less languages and phrases)

    Feedback is awesome!
    10-08-2009 07:29 PM