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    Hi there!
    I'm the developer of Ten squared, a funny pastime for iPhone and iPod touch!

    It's a logic game: starting from any box of the square you must find the path that enables you to fill all boxes using one of the available moves: knight move or bridge move. Knight move is the chess L-shape move, while with bridge move you place next number in the third box moving horizontally or vertically, or in the second box moving diagonally.
    Anyone can play it and once completed you can find thousands of different solutions so that the game never finish.

    Key features:
    • two different game modes: 'bridge move' mode and 'knight move' mode
    • six progressive game levels (from 5x5 to 10x10), up to 12 schemes to solve
    • autosave, not to lose a single move
    • choice of the tracks from iPod library to listen music while playing
    • rubber to delete moves and change path
    • hint function for next move
    • top ten with best results
    • shake to restart the game

    You can see my finger playing Ten Squared in !

    Ten Squared is available on the iTunes app store:
    Full version ($ 0.99)
    Lite version (free)

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    I have two promo codes for you!

    Write a review on iTunes for the free version of the game, Ten Squared Lite, and post it in this thread.
    The contest will last three days, at the end I will randomly choose 2 reviewers who will receive the promo code in a pm!

    I'm assuming that a negative review (1 or 2 stars) means no interest for the full application, but critics and suggestions are welcome!

    10-08-2009 04:13 AM