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    Just released today!

    Hold Em Helper is a Texas Hold Em poker training and practice tool for beginners and experts alike. Not just an everyday odds calculator, Hold Em Helper takes a new approach by putting you in the mind of the player as you progress through the hand. Starting with a simulated set of hole cards, Hold Em Helper deals the flop, turn and river cards with the press of the dealer button. For each hand, Hold Em Helper lets you examine all of the hands that beat you at each point in the hand, and calculates your odds of winning a heads up showdown. Dont like your hand? Just shake your iPhone to fold and deal a new one!

    Hold Em Helper is a great way to build your intuition and insight about the strength of Texas Hold Em hands. Beginners and even experts often over value or under estimate the strength of their hands, getting them into trouble at the poker tables. With Hold Em Helper you can easily play through many poker hands and situations that arise during real games, learning valuable lessons about hand strength before its too late!

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    App is only $.99
    thanks for looking.
    10-08-2009 01:01 AM