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    Chess goes online with Chess Elite, a brand new Chess App for the iPhone.

    A strong Chess engine combined with beautiful graphics will ensure that you will be glued to it for hours together. There have been dozens of chess apps in the past. Chess apps for beginners, for professionalsbut with Chess Elite, the rules of the game have changed.

    With Elo rating, every match you play against someone will count and will add to or reduce your rating based on whether you win or lose.

    It also supports great features like Game Summary, which will list your overall wins and losses along with Push Notification support to let you know when you receive a challenge or a move in an online game.

    Choose your opponent based on Name, Elo Rating, Max. Wins or Max. Losses and get ready for the battle of the wits!!!

    You can check out the game here: iTunes Store

    Sharpen your brains if you don't want to end up at the bottom of the list!

    On Sale right now!!!
    Price drop: $3.99 -> $0.99

    App Store Description:
    1st Chess Game in App Store with Push Notification!

    Chess Elite fuses the power of one of the strongest Chess Engine in App Store with the power of Web to keep you connected on the go and provides you with the best challenges. With beautifully rendered graphics Chess Elite is perfectly crafted for both the beginners and the advanced players.

    Chess Elite takes Chess playing experience to staggering new heights by being the first ever App to include Push Notification in the game. If youre among the people who miss the days when you could sit down with your friends for a relaxing game of Chess, heres the perfect opportunity to send them a request and enjoy a game of Chess, as with Chess Elite, the distance in miles no longer matters!!! Battle it out in the War of the Wits as Chess Elite gives you the chance to play with Pros from all across the globe.

    Chess Elite also lets you play locally against the iPhone/ iPod touch and against friends by passing the device to them (does not require Internet connection).

    - 1st Chess Game with Push Notification support
    - 1 Player mode against device
    - 2 Player pass & play mode with auto-flip
    - 2 Player correspondence mode
    - Play against Contacts and community of chess players
    - Simultaneously play against device and friends
    - Intuitive and easy to use UIs with spectacular graphics
    - Unlimited undo and redo
    - Shows legal moves, hints, coordinates, last moves
    - Playback of games for analysis
    10-07-2009 05:19 AM