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    I came across an app in the App Store "shutterfly" Now I like this app because I can stay in sync between my photos on my shutterfly account and app. So if there are people out there who don't like losing all their photos when setting up as a new phone.... Make a shutterfly account and you'll be in sync. However you'll have to upload pictures from your camera roll one at a time. You can store as many photos as you want in the app. An unlimited supply to be exact. and later on when you start from fresh with your iPhone install shutterfly log into your account and start transferring photos to your camera roll. You can also email pictures, post them to the Shutterfly share site, or assign to contact. Shutterfly is free. Check it out!
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    10-06-2009 03:34 PM
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    Uploading photos one by one sounds like a giant pain. I don't know if Shutterfly changed their policy but it used to be if you didn't make a purchase once per year they would delete your albums. Being able to re-download photos to your phone easily would be nice though. I use Pixelpipe to upload stuff from my phone to Picasa and Photobucket. I'm quite pleased with it.
    10-06-2009 10:03 PM