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    CYBERSPACE, Oct 2, 2009 OSIRIS Gaming (OSIRIS Entertainment) is happy to announce the upcoming release of our first game, SPIRUS. For our first venture into the iphone and iPod Application market we felt it was important to create a signature game that is challenging but, at the same time, instantly playable. Many iPhone and iPod users are not diehard action game fanatics, nor are they familiar with the dizzying assortments and arrangement of controls in many modern handheld games. We succeeded in making SPIRUS both playable and easy for first-time and casual gamers, giving them the Arcade experience!

    The goal of SPIRUS is simple. You are an elite pilot for the Alliance tasked with destroying every mangy, evil pirate that dares stick his nose out of the jumpgates that you protect. The gameplay is as infinite as it is addicting and makes for a perfect pick up and play game while riding a bus, waiting in the doctors office, or just standing in line.

    SPIRUS has ten brilliantly rendered levels, lighting fast gameplay and an evolving storyline that takes you through a whirlwind tour of the Alliance.

    SPIRUS is fun, easy to play, addicting, and coming soon to an App Center near you!

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    10-05-2009 10:58 AM