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    ★ Camera Plus v1.1 is out with Flash and Point Zoom. Capturing snaps on your iPhone, just got better! ★

    Introducing Global Delight.

    Capturing that perfect snap from your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3Gs is that easy. Tap the app, apply flash, zoom freely up to 4x and tap on the camera icon to freeze the moments. Now you also have the freedom of point zoom.

    While the app saves your photo, it would also let you check your photo preview to decide if you need to get ready for the next shot.

    - Capture photos both in portrait and landscape mode
    - Digital camera zoom in real-time up to 4x
    - Preview photos in portrait or landscape mode
    - One button to review your photo history in Camera Roll


    ✔ Point zoom
    ✔ The best Simulated Flash among all other camera flash apps
    ✔ Simulated Flash is added in just a second
    ✔ One touch access to Camera Roll
    ✔ Localized to Italian, French, Spanish, German and Japanese

    ★We would love to see YOUR captured images using Camera Plus!★

    Upload them to either:

    Camera Plus, Facebook page:
    Camera Plus | Facebook


    Camera Plus, Flickr Page:
    Flickr: Camera Plus - Free camera zoom and preview app for the iPhone

    Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later. Works only on iPhone.

    Camera Plus is FREE!! and is available for download on the App Store.

    Check it out and remember to flash your most brilliant smile and say cheese!
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